Capture and Convert
Specialty Care Patients

Doctors lose potential revenue because they struggle to convert patients into a specialty treatment. Hoot helps Doctors capture and convert patients resulting in increased revenue.

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The Eye Doctor

  • You’re Busy
  • Short Staffed
  • Lack Confidence
  • No way to follow up with patients after they leave
  • Disease is too complicated to explain in one visit
  • owner_image

    Dr. Shefali Miglani

    Eye Doctor
    Owner of Monroe Eye Care
    Chief Medical Officer at Hoot

  • owner_image

    Bob Miglani

    Founder & CEO, Hoot
    Marketing Expert

Not getting patients to sign up for your treatment is frustrating.
You try to educate the patient in the chair but it's overwhelming and they walk out without treatments.
Dr. Shefali Miglani had the same problem and working together with her spouse Bob, they developed a system that increases capture rate, conversion and revenues.

Trusted by 120+ practices as the #1 expert in capturing and converting specialty care patients.

How Hoot Works

  • 1

    Patient Education

  • 2

    Process & Flow

  • 3

    Marketing Automation

Increase your revenues by deploying the Hoot system today.


Haana Javed

Specialty Care Sales Expert

Phone: 609-436-0778

Improve your Process, Increase Your Conversion

Currently helping Eye Doctors to capture and convert
patients in Myopia and Dry Eyes

  • eye_doctors

    Dr. Stephen Dincher


    "Pre-Hoot, only three IPL patients in seven months. With Hoot, eight patients in two months, plus more in progress. A massive success, paying for itself multiple times over."

  • eye_doctors

    Dr. Grant Miller


    "School taught us to diagnose and treat eye conditions, but lacked sales skills. Hoot facilitates discussions on immediate vision care, easing parental concerns about myopia."

  • eye_doctors

    Dr. Charlene Henderson

    Vision Source Practice | North Carolina

    "The team is accessible and cooperative. I appreciate the polished, modern information delivery for patients. As we launch our dry eyes Hoot, we're receiving positive feedback on its format too."

  • eye_doctors

    Dr. Steven Sheiner


    "Hoot’s automated system does the marketing and educating for me, which allows me to spend more time helping my patients."

  • eye_doctors

    Dr. Andrew To

    Vision Source Practice | Texas

    "They offer a comprehensive package: fee calculation, contracts, educational resources. Their drip marketing is invaluable for patient retention. Peer meetings with fellow Eye Doctors are enriching. I aim to rely less on vision care plans in the future."

  • eye_doctors

    Dr. Richard Rebuck

    Vision Source Practice | West Virginia

    "Hoot is providing the essential link, and process, to our patient base, helping to grow both our dry eye and myopia management opportunities."

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