Hoot is partnering with J&J Vision TearScience Group

With the aim of improving the treatment of dry eye disease, Hoot’s advanced platform will provide ECPs nationwide with enhanced access to top-quality education in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and their Tear Science group.

At its core, Hoot will seamlessly integrate Johnson & Johnson Vision extensive educational resources on Vector Thermal Pulsation (VTP) and Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) into Hoot’s dashboards nationwide. This integration expands the reach of ECPs capable of diagnosing and treating this widespread condition on the Hoot platform.

Bob Miglani, CEO of Hoot, highlighted the importance of this partnership: “Our collaboration empowers ECPs with invaluable medical insights, enabling more accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for patients. By leveraging Johnson & Johnson’s wealth of scientific knowledge, we’re positioned to deliver a transformative product that has the ability to enhance patient outcomes.”

This signifies a pivotal moment in Hoot’s evolution as it ventures into new therapeutic domains and establishes integration partnerships with leading eye care companies.

Learn more about how to capture and convert more dry eye patients at gethoot.com.

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