Our Story

​We created Hoot to help one specialist doctor.

The doctor had a problem:
How do I capture and convert patients into specialty care?

Working together --- the Eye Doctor and the Marketer --- we built the first: Marketing Automation System for Specialty Doctors.

Today -- we work with 120+ practices to increase demand for your services & improve patient outcomes.

Meet The Team

  • Bob Miglani
    Founder & CEO

  • Dr. Shefali Miglani
    Chief Medical Officer

  • Haana Javed
    Specialty Care Sales Expert

  • Smita Deshmukh
    Product Manager

  • Amanda Karl
    Content Management

  • Swaroop Ranadive
    Operations Manager

  • Justin Cholula
    Marketing Associate

  • Vamshi Reddy
    Chief Technology Officer


  • Ian Read
    Ex-CEO Pfizer Inc.

  • Todd Cohan
    President of Forsight Vision and Midwest Dry Eye Center

  • Victoria Kimmel
    Senior Strategic Advisor

  • Sandeep Bhanote
    Entrepreneur (Ex-Founder & CEO Radius8), Head of Clover Growth, Fiserve

  • Jason Grossman
    Data Science Specialist, Healthcare & Pharma