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Grow Your Myopia Practice

The Problem with Myopia Management

  • Parents don’t understand the problem.
  • Parents have never heard of Myopia or Ortho-K.
  • Parents take a long time to decide.
  • The practice doesn’t have a clear process
  • Marketing a myopia management practice is confusing.

We Get It.

  • Bob Miglani

    Founder & CEO | Hoot
    Ex-Pfizer Marketing Expert

  • Dr. Shefali Miglani

    Eye Doctor
    Owner of Monroe Eye Care Chief Medical Officer at Hoot

It's frustrating because you want to help your patient, but their parents get in the way.

We had the same problem, and developed a solution.

120+ practices have deployed the Hoot solution successfully.

Making us the expert and the #1 choice among Eye Doctors to help them capture and convert more Myopia patients.

We must meet parents where they live today- on their phones.

"How do I educate both parents so they get it?"

The vast majority of parents go home and do their own research.

What better way to influence their decision than by sending them educational videos on their phone?

TikTok has rewired us; parents prefer watching a video over reading a brochure. Hoot automates sending your videos to your parents.

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"My practice lacks structure."

Capturing and converting is highly dependent on the flow of your practice. Hoot gives you a clear process.

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Hoot is your accountability partner; we are committed to your growth and success. We provide you with the training it takes to become confident.

"What language works the best for conversion?"
Language in the exam room is crucial when it comes to handling difficult parents. Hoot teaches you how to be confident by giving you the language to capture and convert.

"What do I charge?"
Fees for Myopia Management can be complicated. Hoot acts as a guide in helping you figure out the best fee structure for your practice.

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Attract New Myopia Patients Into Your Practice

Increase referrals from
commercial Eye Doctors,
chains and pediatricians.

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