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  • Profitability & the Potential for Dry Eyes in My Practice
    Discover how addressing dry eye can become a successful endeavor for your business.

  • Why Do the Meibography in the Comprehensive?
    Learn why meibography is crucial for diagnosing dry eye and optimizing treatment plans.

  • Managing Rosacea with IPL, IRPL and LLLT
    Explore how light-based therapies can effectively manage rosacea, a common contributor to dry eye.

  • The Ideal Process That Converts Patients
    Develop a systematic approach to convert patients into effective dry eye treatment programs.

  • How I Use My InMode RF
    Discover the use of InMode RF technology in treating dry eye and its potential benefits for patients.

  • 6 Powerful Words That Convert
    Gain practical strategies to identify and convert potential dry eye patients into your practice.

  • When to Recommend Homecare
    Learn when homecare solutions are appropriate and how to integrate them into dry eye treatment plans.

  • Reactivating the Dry Eye Patients That Didn’t Convert Last Year
    Discover strategies to re-engage with past dry eye patients and reignite their interest in treatment.