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Do you have insightful ideas you're itching to share with the world?
Are you passionate about dissecting the latest marketing trends
and inspiring others to level up their game? If so, then we want
YOU on our podcast, "Marketing for Doctors!"

We're on the hunt for engaging guests to join us for dynamic
conversations that will equip listeners with actionable marketing
strategies and fuel their marketing fire.

Here's how you can become a guest on
our Marketing for Doctors Podcast

  • Step 1: Are You a Great Fit?

    Before diving in, take a moment to see if your expertise aligns with our audience. We cover a wide range of marketing topics, but our core focus is on marketing for doctors.

  • Step 2: Submit a Compelling Pitch

    We get a lot of interview requests, so a well-crafted pitch will make you stand out. Your pitch will include:

    • A Brief Introduction
    • Your Marketing Niche
    • Why You’re a Great Guest
    • Episode Topic Ideas
    • Call to Action

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  • Step 3: Let's Chat!

    If your pitch resonates with us, we’ll reach out to schedule a quick call to discuss your ideas further.

Do You Want to Be a Marketing Member on Our Podcast?

We can't wait to hear from you! By joining us on our Marketing for Doctors Podcast, you'll gain exposure to a dedicated audience of marketing professionals eager to learn and grow. It's a fantastic opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in the marketing world.

Don't miss this chance to share your knowledge and inspire fellow marketers!
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