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  • "Patients Call to Schedule IPL's"

    Dr. Chapman

  • "Hoot Gave Me A Process"

    Dr. Stephen Dincher

  • "Our conversion up by 50%"

    Dr. Eric Bang

So, Why Marketing Automation?

  • Saves you and your staff time from creating videos and sending emails 1 by 1
  • Increases sign ups for your treatments
  • Improved patient outcome
  • Shows patients you have your act together
Check this video:
Improve your show up rate by filling in the black hole with customized education videos

Marketing Automation is the secret to
increasing your capture and conversion rate
for Myopia and Dry Eyes.

  • Without Hoot

    No Protocol

    No Automation

    No Training

    No Education Tools


  • With Hoot

    Proven Protocol

    Marketing Automation

    On Demand Training

    Visuals that Help Convert

    Opposite of Sadness

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This is example of the typical conversion we see in most practices who are building out their dry eyes practices. Conversion and Revenue growth is dependent on your commitment.

Hoot helps turn prospects into cash paying patients

You have patients in your chair, lots of them. For example: 40% of adult comprehensive exams have dry eyes. But not many show up or sign up.

Hoot helps you increase your show up rate and conversion rate.

Here’s What You Get with Hoot

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So, Why Automate Drip Marketing?

Get pre-written, personalized campaigns that help educate patients in a slow and meaningful way.

Messages are sent little bit at a time so that patients absorb information rather than get overwhelmed.

We have campaigns for every patient journey like - new patients, lost patients, referrals, to training and treatments.

These campaigns are not spam!

Check out this Masterclass on Near Me Marketing:

• Initial Welcome Campaign
• Lost Patient Campaign
• Treatment Campaign
• Nurture Campaign
• Referral Campaigns


Proven Protocol

Face it, Myopia and dry eyes can be a complicated process. Instead of trying to invent it yourself, we give you a 1-2-3 clear, simple process that emerges from 140 practices nationwide.

Why reinvent a proven protocol?
Simplify the flow for you and your staff.

Check out Dr. Cohan’s Masterclass
on his Dry Eye Protocol

Coaching and Training

Going to a 2 hour CE isn’t enough. You need someone to hold your hand and show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and when.

If you’re new to Myopia or Dry Eyes, we give you personalized live training where we teach you how to:

  • Implement fees and forms
  • How to capture and convert more patients
  • Know your numbers

The Best Coaches

Accountability is painful, our three coaches have been where you are and did the hard work to get to where they are. Now you do the easy part, learn from them and start implementing today.

Check out Bob’s Marketing for Doctors podcast on

Spotify Here:

We have coached 10ts of Doctors nationwide, typical fees range from $5000/hr to $25000/hr. Our initial coaching is included as part of the Hoot membership.

  • coache

    Marketing Expert Best Selling Author Influencer

  • coache

    Myopia Expert Practice Owner

  • coache

    Dry Eyes Expert Practice Owner

Understanding the Money of Myopia and Dry Eyes


Figuring out what to charge for OrthoK, for your IPL is difficult. Hoot makes it easy by sharing best practices. Hoot holds your hand and helps you personalize the strategy that works best for you

Check out this Masterclass
on Money of Myopia:
Digital Forms and Agreements
  • Consent Forms
  • Ortho-K Contracts
  • Atropine Fee Agreement
  • Pricing Contract
  • IPL and Lipiflow Contract

Automate Referral Marketing

Get new patients from other Doctors without the hassle of dropping cards and flyers.

  • Optometry
  • Myopia
  • Dry Eyes
  • Pediatricians
  • Ophthalmology
Check out this Masterclass
on Marketing to Pediatricians:

Monitor and Track Pipeline

Know exactly how much each patient is worth for Myopia or Dry Eyes. Take a comprehensive look at your analytics each quarter.

This will help you understand profitability, and fee structures within your practice.

Retarget patients from last year:
Check out this video on Bulk Upload

Hoot Academy

Attending a webinar once in a while isn’t enough. Gain access to training videos and master classes on your fingertips.

You have access to 100+ hours of content, giving you confidence to answer any question.

Hoot replaces CE’s you’ve gone to and forgotten about. Hoot is your personal playlist for growing your business.


A Community that has your back

There is power in numbers, get exclusive access to speakers, podcasts, videos, webinars and events with leaders.

Check out our event calendar here


Getting started with Hoot is easy

3-4 weeks to become an expert with Hoot:

The First Month:

• Day 1 Onboarding
• Forms and Fees Training
• Capture and Convert Training
• In-Clinic Implementation Training
• Access to System within the first 24 hours
• Zoom Training

  • Implementation is easier that you think
  • Get up and running in a little as a week
  • No staff is required but can be helpful


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