Myopia Awareness Week! Live Stream Recap with Dr. Cheryl Chapman!

This week is Myopia Awareness Week (May 13th-19th, 2024), a global initiative to educate the public about the growing concern of nearsightedness, also known as myopia.

Here at Hoot, we’re committed to eye health awareness, and we recently hosted a live stream on LinkedIn featuring Dr. Cheryl Chapman, a leading expert in myopia management.

Did you miss the live stream? No worries!

We’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll provide a link to the full recording on LinkedIn so you can watch Dr. Chapman’s discussion at your convenience.

Myopia on the Rise

Myopia rates are rapidly increasing worldwide, particularly among children. This can lead to serious eye health complications later in life.


Let’s Spread Awareness Together!

Myopia Awareness Week is a great opportunity to learn more about nearsightedness and take action. Share this blog post with your network and let’s work together to promote healthy vision for all!

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