Exploring Diverse Career Paths in Optometry: Insights from Dr. Benjamin Chudner

Optometry is a field that offers a wide range of career paths and opportunities beyond the traditional role of owning a practice. Dr. Benjamin Chudner, the chief medical officer at AEG Vision, provides fascinating insights into the diverse career paths available to optometrists.


Dr. Chudner’s Journey in Optometry

Dr. Chudner’s journey in optometry is a testament to the various opportunities that exist within the field. After completing his residency at Bascom Palmer, he initially worked in an ODMD practice in Washington State before realizing that he wanted to be a practice owner. He then went on to own his practice for 10 years before transitioning into consulting for various companies in the industry. This led him to opportunities with SevaVision, Bausch & Lomb, and eventually Luxottica, where he oversaw optometric engagement for all their locations in North America.


Diverse Paths in Optometry

Dr. Chudner’s career trajectory showcases the diverse paths that optometrists can take, from clinical practice to consulting, corporate roles, and leadership positions within large organizations. His experience highlights the importance of being open to new opportunities and leveraging one’s skills and expertise in different areas of the industry.


In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, optometrists have the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths that go beyond traditional clinical practice. With the rise of private equity funds like AEG Vision dedicated to the optometry market, there are increasing opportunities for optometrists to take on leadership roles in strategic planning, clinical operations, and business development.


Technological Advancements and New Opportunities

Advancements in technology and telemedicine have created new avenues for optometrists to expand their scope of practice and reach patients beyond traditional brick-and-mortar settings. Opportunities in academia, research, public health, and government agencies also offer optometrists the chance to make a broader impact on the field and contribute to improving eye care services for diverse populations.


Planning for Transitions

One key takeaway from Dr. Chudner’s experience is the importance of having a plan for transitions in one’s career. Whether it’s selling a practice, moving to a new location, or taking on a new role within the field of optometry, having a clear plan in place can help navigate these changes with confidence and success.


Elevating Patient Care Through Strategy

Elevating patient care through strategy is a crucial aspect of running a successful optometry practice. Dr. Chudner’s role as a medical director involved not only managing day-to-day operations but also focusing on strategic initiatives to advance eye care. This dual approach of managing operations and developing strategic plans is essential for providing high-quality care to patients while also ensuring the long-term success of the practice.


Collaborating and Specializing to Improve Care

Collaboration and specialization are key components in improving patient care in optometry practices. Dr. Chudner emphasized the importance of working together and utilizing colleagues’ expertise to provide the best possible care for patients. He highlighted the need for optometrists to not only focus on the what and why of eye care issues, such as myopia management and dry eyes treatment, but also on the how of implementing effective treatment strategies.


The Power of Networking for Growth

Networking and collaboration are key elements in the growth and success of optometry practices. The power of networking lies in the ability to leverage resources, share expertise, and refer patients to specialists when needed. This not only improves patient outcomes but also helps in building a stronger and more efficient healthcare system within the optometry field.


Embracing Innovation

Optometry practices are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of patients and the industry as a whole. One key aspect of this evolution is the focus on elevating patient care through innovation. Dr. Chudner’s practice differentiates itself by blending successful practice strategies with innovative approaches to patient care.



The diverse career paths in optometry reflect the dynamic nature of the field and the opportunities for optometrists to grow, innovate, and make a difference in the lives of their patients. Dr. Chudner’s journey serves as an inspiration for optometrists to explore different avenues within the profession and embrace the possibilities for professional growth and development.

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