Talk Less About You, More About Their Problems: The 80/20 Rule of Sales

No one cares about our solution.

They care about their own problems.


So in sales—we must spend more time talking about THEM and their problem and less about our solution.


Sales tip:

  1. Spend 80% of your time speaking about their problem; 20% on your solution


  1. Ask how they plan to solve their problem. What’s their plan?


  1. Dig deeper and ask why the problem is so important for them.


In Dry Eyes and Myopia Management we have seen Optometrists make a critical mistake is to make a diagnosis and jump to treatment/solution.


And most patients want to know why…why do I have this condition, why should I care and what’s the reason this happens and what can I do to prevent it from getting worse?


Remember: no one cares about us. They care about themselves and their problems. Focus on them and close more deals.

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